The power to stand up for yourself and your friends.

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  • Friend Finder

    Select a list of friends and find them on the go if they are near to wherever you are currently positioned.

  • Emergency Blast

    Your friends get an automatic message whenever your phone is shut down despite a considerable amount of battery power left.

  • Contact List

    Automatically own a list of contacts who use this app and stay networked and secure.

  • SOS

    Tap the power button twice to immediately let your friends know if you are in trouble.

What’s more?

Stalker Pro

Allows your friends to track your movements (and the other way round) of course, you decide who is allowed.


Set an approximate time for your travels, so if you are late to work for some uncanny reason, your friends know.


Select the route that you’ll travel and tag selected friends to inform them about it, so if you ever take a sudden detour, they’ll be notified.


Not only your friends, even you can track their routes back, once your friend allows tracking access.


Tag your friends to keep them in the fray of your whereabouts. Find out when someone is around you in the locale.


Spread the word and invite friends to download the app. A greater network is a stronger network.

How it helps:

Guard An Angel is dedicated to protect you on the go wherever you go! It helps you stay connected to your closest buddies and let them know that you are en-route while you can safely enjoy your way to work or enjoy the everyday sceneries that we always tend to miss out. The app comes with comprehensive features that helps your near and dear ones to keep a protective watch on you and you on them.

  • Life is full of problems but personal safety won’t be one of them.
  • Take the innovative step.
  • Ward off unnecessary Anxiety.
  • Stay connected.


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